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The Underfold: Abe and Mr. Pennybags
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Brian Russell, of “The Underfold” fame, is one of those people who make webcomicing (is that a word?) awesome. Not only has he been a real booster of our stuff but he’s given loads of awesome advice that we even occasionally take.


His comic is a surrealistic treat that actually follows a storyline (somewhat) without getting bogged down with too much history. You can pretty much click anywhere on the site and get the jokes but they have added layers of humor and meaning the more of it that you read. He also loves to parody super-heroes and pop culture and sometimes experiments with using color- is it any question why we love him?!


You can follow him on twitter under the name “@Brian_Russell


“Like” his Facebook page right over here: TheUnderfold


And, of course, check out his site, updated twice weekly (Usually more, what with all the BONUS COMICS): The Underfold


ABOUT THE COMIC: We are honored to be yet another webcomic site hosting Brian’s newly created “guest” characters Abe and Mr. Pennybags, their previous adventure can be seen here and here and, hopefully, there are more to come!